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Notes on Matthew 14-15, Mark 6-7, John 5-6, Come Follow Me Study for March 25-31

This week's reading was so dense and full of beautiful stories and wonderful applications -- the feeding of the 5,000, Christ and Peter walking on water, the healing of a Gentile woman's daughter and a deaf and mute man as well as multitudes, the feeding of the four thousand, the pool of Bethesda, and the Bread of Life Sermon.  I feel a bit overwhelmed in trying to reduce my thoughts down to just the highlights! 

John the Baptist's Beheading, Matthew 14:1-12, Mark 6:14-30The story illustrates the power of good people to influence even a very wicked man.  Herod would have put John to death but "he feared the multitude because they counted him as a prophet."  If there hadn't been good people following John, Herod would have not held back from putting him to death for telling the truth about his unlawful marriage.The story also illustrates the power of peer pressure for evil, as Herod beheads John for "the oath's sake, ad them with sat with him at meat.…

Notes on Matthew 13, Luke 8, and Luke 13, CFM for March 18-24,

Why does Christ Teach in Parables?  Matthew 13:10-17
I wonder how many of the listeners to these parables wondered why people were so interested in this man who was just telling little stories about seeds and lost coins.  It seems that parables are a way to teach people at many different levels of understanding and commitment.  I recently had an experience where I was troubled about something and praying for answers.  Instead of explaining the answer to my problem in depth, the Spirit directed me to an experience I had that to many might seem unrelated to my question and said, "the answer is like this experience you had."  That experience was the perfect way of understanding in a profound way the very thing I was struggling with.  In a similar way, I can see how people can come to Christ with questions about "why are some people willing to follow you and others leave after just a short time?"  or "how in the world is this tiny little group here supposed to inf…

Our CFM Assignments for March 18-24, Matthew 13, Luke 8, 13

These are the assignments I'm giving my family members to prepare for our study this Sunday:

Why does Christ Teach in Parables?  Matthew 13:10-17 Why does Christ teach in parables?   Read Matthew 13:10-17, Alma 12:10, D&C 107:19.
Consider the following quotes: The Master Teacher’s parables show both the justice and mercy of God at work among those who hear them. “Two men may hear the same words,” wrote Elder James E. Talmage (1862–1933). “One of them listens in indolence and indifference, the other with active mind intent on learning all that the words can possibly convey; and, having heard, the diligent man goes straightway to do the things commended to him, while the careless one neglects and forgets. The one is wise, the other foolish; the one has heard to his eternal profit, the other to his everlasting condemnation.”6  (source) Discovering how to interpret and apply the parables of Jesus is essential to getting the most from them. To interpret a parable, one must study wh…

Notes on CFM March 11-17, Matthew 10-12, Mark 2, Luke 7 and 11

The Calling and Commissioning of the Twelve. (Matthew 9:36-38 and Matthew 10)At the end of chapter 9, Christ laments the scattered, lost state of the multitudes."But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd. Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest."  In chapter 10, He commissions his Twelve to go out in his place representing Him.  What a responsibility!Christ gives the twelve "power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease." and then he sends him out to lost sheep of the house of Israel.  "And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely g…

Called to Serve!

Wow, what a beautiful week it has been for our family.  My son opened his call and he is going to serve the Lord in . . .

Baton Rouge, Louisiana!
He is so excited to serve and I am so thrilled for him.  I've had a few very profound experiences over the last few days as I've pondered over this call that has come and I know this is where he is meant to be.  
He will leave in July, overlapping my daughter's mission to Brazil by 6 months.

In Between

Yesterday, my son's mission call arrived.  They send it electronically now, so at any time, he could open it up and look at it.  He's choosing to wait until tomorrow when his grandparents and some friends can be here.  He's thrilled and so are we.  Tomorrow night, we will all know where he is being sent.  Whatever the destination, it will shape and change his life in so many ways.  He will learn to love the people deeply, he will face challenges he can only dream of now, his heart will be moved with compassion, and he will represent Jesus Christ.

So now, we wait in this in between place for one more day.  Our summer plans are on hold until we find out where and when he will go.  We don't know yet whether he will need clothes suitable for the jungles of Brazil, like my husband did 20+ years ago, or for the long, dark winters of Finland, like one of my friends.  Or the in-between of a place like Virginia.  Tomorrow, we will begin to plan.

Friends, it's an amazing thi…

Questions to Ponder for CFM March 11-17, Matthew 10-12, Mark 2, Luke 7 and 11

I will take time later in the week to write my own thoughts about the reading this week (Matthew 10-12, Mark 2, Luke 7 and 11).  For now, this is what I prepared for my family for our study next Sunday.  Each section below will be given to a different family member to read and present on.  I hope it might be useful for your own or your family's study. The Calling and Commissioning of the Twelve.Read Matthew 9:36-38 and Matthew chapter 10.  How is Christ calling and preparing the Twelve to be laborers in his vineyard?  Consider these questions: ·In verse 1, what power did Christ give to the Twelve?  ·In verses 5-8, What were the Twelve to do with their power?  What does it mean when it says “freely ye have received, freely give.”?  How does that apply to you and to our family? ·Compare the counsel given in verses 9-11 with Luke 22:35-36.  What do we learn from these different instructions about the way Christ gives counsel?  Why do you think Christ asked his disciples to go without …