Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Links (Friday Favorites)

One thing I love about Facebook is that so many of my friends connect me to great articles and stories I wouldn't have seen otherwise.  Oh, I'm not talking about cat videos or what kind of Harry Potter wizard I am -- I skip those, along with the obvious link-baits like "What happened next is something you'll never guess!!!" or "The most amazing thing you'll ever see."  Those lead-ins drive me nuts, so I refuse to click on them out of spite.

No, I'm talking about really interesting articles about world affairs, culture, and the like.

Here's a few I've read or shared that are worth a look:

On Parenting and Culture

This article:  Global Parenting Habits that Haven't Caught on in the U.S. was fascinating and led me to a series of articles written by Americans living abroad about what parenting is like in various countries.

13 Surprising things about Parenting in Turkey.  I loved reading this series of posts about what parenting and culture is like in about a dozen different countries (scroll to the end for links to posts about China, India, Mexico, and more). And I loved that do much of Turkey reminds me of our visit to Armenia with six-year-old Joey and six-month-old baby Eliza.  Turkey and Armenia are very far apart politically and have a lot of animosity in their history, but much of their culture was similar.  The people in Armenia adore children.  We caught a glimpse of that from the moment we arrived in the airport, when the guards carrying machine guns and checking our visas cooed and awed over our baby.  One of them even called a few of his friends over to see how cute Eliza was.  Later, we had a server take baby Eliza to the back of the restaurant to show to the cooks, and everywhere we went on beautiful spring days, people worried our baby was cold because she wasn't dressed like an Eskimo.

Who wouldn't want to coo at that cute face? 
Near the Turkish border, with Mount Ararat behind us.

Be sure to check out the whole series on parenting around the world.

On Social Science & Families

I'm especially drawn to social science because I graduated in Family Science, which included studying family, culture, child development and more.

Here are a few articles worth your time:

How a person's premarital experiences affect their future marriage.  Essentially, studies show the more partners before marriage, the worse your marriage.  Gee, you think there might actually be some benefits to chastity?

How gym class can lower adolescent depression.  Good reminder that I need to keep my non-sports-oriented kids active.

On Israel & Gaza

I've been fascinated and saddened by the events in Israel this summer, not least because my daughter's tentmate at camp was from the West Bank and there were two other girls from Israel there.  It seems so easy to draw lines and make one side or the other the bad guys or the good guys, but what I've been reading makes it not so simple.

Understanding Israel and Hamas:  Why this Conflict Differs

A little on Hamas  This is written by an Israeli and includes interesting links to other viewpoints.

Finally, because of Dan Peterson, I started following Sahar Qumsiyeh's Blog and have found her viewpoint both eye-opening and heart-breaking.  She is a member of my Church and a Palestinian.  She obviously has strong feelings, but also many sad personal experiences giving rise to those feelings.

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