Monday, December 07, 2009

Life's Little Surprises (and some awesome photos)

My oldest sister Jennifer is 40. She's been the mother of all boys for over 16 years. She's been "done" having kids for seven years and has settled in for the long haul of being a "boy mom." Her youngest of four boys is seven and started first grade in September.

Well, SURPRISE! In the spring, she found out she wasn't so "done" after all. We all crossed our fingers and hoped that this little one might possibly wear pink. Adding to the suspense, my sister never finds out what she's having until the baby's born. We all anxiously hoped until early October, when the doctor said those three glorious words, "It's a girl!"

And not just any girl -- a tiny, early-by-four-weeks bundle of energy and personality.

As to the family's reaction to the birth, well, let's just say,

Don't mess with Rachel -- she's got FOUR older brothers!

Seriously, it is amazing to watch these boys dote over their little sister. Jennifer will finish feeding her and one boy or another will say, "Can I hold her now?" They all adore her and they're good with her too. She's a little bit (okay, a LOT bit) on the fussy side, and they all take their turns trying to soothe her.

This weekend, Rachel was blessed by her father. It was a sweet occasion and I was grateful to be there. Before Church that day, I went over to take pictures of my sister's family with my new fancy camera. I'm not a professional by any means (though I wish I were), and the conditions weren't perfect (the day was so overcast we couldn't get much light inside and so cold we couldn't go out so we were stuck with the white background with all those white shirts), but still, WOW, that was SO MUCH FUN! I think I could get addicted to taking family photos -- anyone want me to come practice on their family?

All FIVE kids (We're so used to calling them "the Butler Boys" I'm not sure what name we're going to come up with for them now):

The whole family:


She took the teeniest break from crying and gave me a slight, sweet, though fleeting smile:
With her mama:

With the proud parents:
With both Grandmas:

I brought four kids with me to Meridian, but only one came along to the photoshoot. Harmony sat quietly nearby and just watched.
Congratulations, Jennifer, Sylvan and all you Butler Boys! Rachel is so lucky to have you!


Wendy said...

How fun for you sister and her family!!! That's so exciting!!! ANd she's got it made with four big brothers!!!

Great pictures!! They are so sweet!!! I wish I was a professional too... and I want that camera!!! Someday.

Kim said...

I would love to have you practice on our family if we lived closer!
How fun for your sister. Do you wait to find out too?

Joy For Your Journey said...

How exciting to get her little girl!! What a fun addition that will be to their family. And very cute pictures!!

3in3mom said...

Fun times--I remember when we went on a date and Daniel was just a toddler--time sure flies. Rachel is a darling addition and those are darling photos. I love that you have a new camera to enjoy the passion of photography! It's addicting huh!?!

Fun fun!!!

Erin said...


You don't know me, but I just wanted to leave a comment for you. I was reading over at Segullah (I've never read there before) and I was in shock over the IUD post that I read. I started reading all of the comments left on the blog and I just couldn't stop reading. It wasn't until I read your comment that I finally felt that someone in the world understood our blessed role as women and I was able to STOP reading the rest of the comments. Thank you for standing out and writing so beautifully about such a sacred and important gift we have. I feel so blessed having read your words. I am not a saint and have plenty of faults, but I feel that the element of faith has been taken out of family planning. Thank you for sticking out and setting an example. I feel that I am blessed that I have the desire to have children, that I want them and that I can have them. I hope that I am blessed with many more. I'm getting older and I have to have c-sections, but I know that as I faithfully try to do my part the lord will see to it that I am able to fulfill his will. I love being a woman and a mother and would not be happy or content with any other role. That is a gift that my Heavenly Father has blessed me with.

Again, thanks for setting the example and living what you preach. Your family is beautiful!

Elaine said...

Wow!!!!! That is so exciting!!! i bet your whole family is beaming with joy! Congrats to your sister!


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