What not to say, if you're my husband

Last night, we arrived home from a 9-day celebrate-the-end-of-the-school-year trip to Phoenix, Arizona. It was a great trip, but it took us 13 hours, including stops (including five urgent "I can't hold it any longer" stops for a certain little girl), to drive home yesterday, and we didn't arrive until nearly 1 in the morning. Today, surrounded by the mess of the trip, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. and just getting all the stuff (including 200 lbs of rocks from our rockhounding adventures) out of the van took several hours. Our flowerbeds exploded while we're gone and we have tons of blooms and ripe strawberries, but also tons of weeds. Our kind neighbors surprised us by mowing our lawn for us, so at least that's not on the list. In fact, it was even edged professionally. Our lawn has never looked so nice!

The kids started swimming lessons this morning and I had to run over to the library to sign up for summer reading. We're also out of pull-ups and milk and I did not get to the store today. I tried to lie down for a short nap this afternoon but the phone rang three times so I gave up. Later, I was standing in the kitchen staring wearily at the piles and wondering what to do next when my husband walked into the kitchen.

"Hey, I was looking at it and how about we go to Newport Coast for spring break next year?"*

*this is in addition to several other trips planned between now and then.


3in3mom said…
sigh, well I'm glad you had a great trip--it was so good to see you guys! Remember one day at a time and it'll be ok.

You are a great Mommy! Hang in there.
Wendy said…
I think you can obviously guess who really takes care of the cleanup after the trips, huh? Glad to know you got back safe and sound.
Vacations are always a little more fun for Dad than Mom - at least recovering from vacations at least. At least he didn't say - wow, there are a lot of strawberries, we better get pickin'! :)
Sandi said…
First off that is downright hilarious!

Secondly you should have emailed I would have loved to have met you when you were in Phoenix! :)
That is too funny!! I am glad you got home safely though, but sorry it took so very long! And I am especially glad we were able to meet. It was fun to spend time with you and your sweet family!
Rachel Keppner said…
I'm with Sandi-- I'm sorry I missed you, too! :-)
Kelly said…
Yes the after vacation blahs are horrible! I just went through them myself but didn't have nice enough neighbors to mow our jungle for us. That was a lucky break!

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