Monday, July 10, 2006

Four Weeks . . .

That's about all we've got left before we have to move. We'll be homeless for probably 4 to 6 weeks, but our new house is finally being worked on (see?). It's so exciting to drive by and see the changes -- the framers are working fast. Roof trusses should go on tomorrow or Wednesday. I hope to take the kids over to watch the crane.
In the meantime, we are enjoying our current home as much as possible -- we've been out wading and floating in the river nearly every day for a month. Allison loves the water, but Sarah prefers the safety of the wading pool in the yard.

With four weeks to go, I've set several goals for myself -- besides keeping up with the kids and dressing the babes ten times a day (they are in a stripping stage, and we've had to put packing tape on their diapers to keep from shocking scenes like the one below).

Goal #1 Pack one box a day for the next three weeks.

Goal #2 Catch up on my family's scrapbooking. I've been neglecting this lately, and there probably won't be much time for scrapbooking once we've moved. I'd like to get one two-page layout done every day for the next two weeks and see if that gets me caught up.

Goal #3 Design, Design, Design. I've been feeling in such a creative mood lately; I've got a bunch of stuff in the works that I want to finish up. I'd like to get my Grubbies 1 & 2 CDs up at SBE as soon, finish a Canadian Day kit I've started, and do some more updates to some of my older kits. Wish me luck. =)


Katie said...

Love the nakey twin pictures! It's a crazy time toddlerhood is, especially times two! Good luck with your goals!

Michelle said...

That photo of the girls is so funny! Mim usually strips down, but it's outside so she can get in Newt's pool! What the neighbors must think-lol!!!


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