Friday, July 15, 2005


I've been busy as usual! On Monday night, my exercise was a 45 minute walk with the babies in the double stroller.

Tuesday afternoon, a new friend brought her kids over for an afternoon of swimming in our wading pool and the river. She just moved into our neighborhood and her 3 kids are very close in age to my younger 4. It was fun to talk with her, and we found we had much in common, including not allowing our little girls to play with Barbies. =)

Wednesday was library day as usual.

Yesterday, we went swimming in the backyard again. I brought the babies down to the river, too, though they mostly just clung to me rather than wading.

I finished up my "A Taste of Summer" kit last night and uploaded it to 3S, so it should be up in a few days. I decided not to include it in my Collection of Feminine kits, because it didn't really fit the theme with the other kits. And I decided to do a collection of just 3 kits, along with some pre-made pages. I'm almost ready to go with it -- decided to name it Allison's Joy in Allison's honor.

This morning, I took all the kids to the park. Lillian found a large duck feather when we got there, then we played. After a while, Joey and Lillian began wandering around the park. I figured they were just exploring or playing a pretend game, but I found out differently when we went to leave. Joey came up with a pinecone and said sadly, "this is the only treasure I found. It's not a very good treasure," and Lillian was holding her feather. I told Joey that feathers are awfully hard to find. Lillian piped up and said, "We know, we even tried chasing the birds but we didn't find any." I was touched that Lillian had spent so much time with Joey trying to help him find a feather like hers.

One more note -- Sarah & Allison are in love with our cat. They have started saying their first words, and for both of them, it is "tee" "tee" for kitty. They look around for her when they wake up from their nap (they share a room with Lillian, and the cat sleeps there every night). They giggle and shriek and "talk" up a storm when they find her. They pat her and poke her and have a great time. Luckily Zoe is patient and puts up with it, even purring for them when they're being reasonably gentle.


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Allyson said...

i just started reading your blog and started at the beginning. I just thought it was funny that you named it Allison's Joy's and my name is Allyson Joy.


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