Saturday, July 16, 2005

Moments of Joy

Transitions. I went for another walk with the twins in the stroller this evening. They are transitioning from two naps to one, which means I never know what to predict with their sleeping, and these nightly walks are becoming quite regular. If they take one nap, they go to sleep around 7 p.m., their normal bedtime. If they take two, they go to "play" at 7 p.m., their normal bedtime. They giggle and jump around and play with the blankets and each other, until giggles turn to demands that mommy get them up. I usually give in and take them for a walk.

I was thinking tonight as I walked about the tiny moments that bring me joy. It's amazing how much the little things really matter, and small moments touch eternity. My exuberance over Sarah's learning to walk, or Lillian searching the park for a feather for her brother, for instance. Today, I had many such moments.

I love to pat and rub my children's hair as a show of affection. I often rub the babies' heads when I'm nursing them, and they really enjoy it. This morning, I was nursing the gals. Allison finished first and rolled over to look around. She looked down at Sarah, smiled, and began rubbing Sarah's head. I was touched at the show of affection between them.

Then, tonight, I held the twins while DH got out the stroller for our walk. As soon as Sarah saw the stroller, she giggled with excitement and anticipation, the same giggle they both use when it's time to nurse. It was nice for me to see how much our walks meant to her.


Krash said...

Christina! Oh I can soo relate to your post. The routine of the walks must be soo soothing to them. Kind of bittersweet watching them grow....Oh how I miss nursing, it was such a bonding time. Now those times have been replaced by other things~extra special routines we have with each other.
Your soo very lucky~a full house is a full heart!
Martha (Krash~SBB)

anissa said...

What a wonderful time in your life. It sounds like you really know how to make the best of what can be a frustrating situation (bedtime). Nursing my twins was a wonderful, rewarding experience but I never could get a handle on tandem. Not only are you bonding with your girls but they are bonding with each other. How special!


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