Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Quilter's Dream and Update

Well, here it is; my new quilting kit. It's so big I couldn't even fit everything in the preview. This one's in honor of my mother, the quilter. I had so much fun making the different backgrounds, and I think I'm in love with my Sunbonnnet Sues. It will be for sale as soon as 3S gets back up and running.

Life's been busy as usual. Our family room is torn apart right now while my husband works on installing a built-in desk he's making for us (It's going to be so cool).

Yesterday, I took the kids to a Pioneer Day celebration at a local park. They had a great time, and were especially good during a concert of Celtic music. Sarah & Allison toddled around and danced to the music; it was so neat to see their joy.

I love having twins! They keep my hopping and constantly delight me with their antics. This morning, Sarah & Allison were SO tired at Church. They refused to sleep or sit still, which meant they were a little crabby and we spent a lot of time in the hall with them. At one point, our neighbor tried to hold Sarah, who stuck out her lower lip and glared at him the entire time. He switched me for Allison. Sarah watched Allison being held by this stranger, and started to cry -- she was so worried about it. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in her head. She is so loving toward Allison. Later on, I was feeding them Cheerios in Relief Society. Sarah picked one up and put it in Allison's mouth, and Allison smiled at her.

Yesterday, they were rolling around in their crib and wrestling before their nap. Sarah had managed to wiggle out of her clothes, and Allison was patting and tickling her naked tummy. Sarah was giggling. Then Allison leaned over and bit her! I don't think she even realized what she'd done, but Sarah sure had. I separated them after comforting Sarah and putting her clothes back on.


Carol said...

Christina, that is an awesome quilt kit. Looks great!

Becky said...

Christina - This kit is beautiful! I adore the heart and circle stitching - unique and gorgeous!


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