Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One of my favorite rooms (Nearly Wordless Wednesday)

I designed our house five years ago to be a great place to raise a large and growing family. One of my favorite rooms is the nursery. It's connected to the master bedroom with two sliding doors. I love that we're close to our kids. Eventually, when we no longer have babies in that room, we can open up the doors and use it as a library or a sitting room.
Last summer, I put up these pictures on one wall and filled the first seven with one of my favorites of each child as a baby. It's so fun to be nursing a baby and looking up and remembering how one of her siblings looked at that age (and yes, we DO need to add one of Katie to the wall).
Here's what the room looks from the master bedroom doorway -- each of my children's blessing outfits adorn the wall above the cribs.
Harmony sleeps in the brown crib, Katie in the white one. Once Harmony starts climbing out of her crib (hopefully not TOO soon), we'll move her to a toddler bed in the room Eliza and the twins share.

And here's the view from the doorway. The very-raggedy Raggedy Ann doll was mine as a child and the quilt was made by my mother for Eliza when she was a baby -- I love it!


Jacki said...

I LOVE that room! I saw the blessing outfits in a different post- I love them hanging up! I might have to copy you- but I don't have a nursery... what do you plan to do with them when you turn your nursery into a library? I also love how you hung the baby portraits together. Good thing you have enough children to make it look cute :)

swedemom said...

It is a wonderful room. I love it!

Mama Rachel said...

What a wonderful room! I have really enjoyed the pictures and posts about your home.

Oh, and I also love the blessing outfits and the Raggedy Ann doll! (I'm sentimental, too! ;-D)

Deserie said...

I love how you hang the dresses up. I need to get some fun ideas from you.


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