Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In a perfect world

everyone would have someone to exercise with.

someone they care about and enjoy spending time with.

someone available when they wanted to go.

someone enthusiastic enough to wake up with an alarm and never miss a run.

someone who doesn't care if you're a bit slower than they are.

someone you wouldn't want to disappoint, so you'd get up and run no matter how many times you'd been up with the baby the night before.

And wouldn't it be nice if they were the one to wake you up so there wouldn't be any excuses?

Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Well, meet Joey . . .
He's MY exercise partner.
Bright and early, starting last week, we've been up and running. I wanted to take it slowly, but I was surprised at how easy and smoothly I was able to run nearly two miles all three days. I was pretty sore the day after the first run, a little bit sore the day after the second run, and not sore at all after the third run. Joey outran me every day, because I'm slow, but didn't mind stopping to wait for me every so often.

My perfect world, in which regular exercise is fun, enjoyable, and happening consistently was about to start.

But everyone knows a perfect world doesn't exist.

Here's my little wrench in the works:

Last night, my new jogging stroller arrived! Hurray! Now I can bring Katie along those days she's awake!

Two hours later, I was carrying Katie down for bed and I twisted my ankle. It's painfully sprained.

I really want to run. I've got the perfect partner to keep me motivated, beautiful sunrises to greet, and some extra weight to lose, but now I have to wait until I heal. Isn't life full of surprises?


Angie said...

Argh! For me it was finally having some days when DH wasn't out of town and then breaking my baby toe. All healed now, but the travel continues unabated. Exercise becomes ever so tricky with children and a family schedule. Hope you're healed and on the road again soon. Are you still trying to run the Provo River half in August? Hope so, it is a lovely race!

Handsfullmom said...


I'd love to run the trail run, but I don't know if I can really work up to 13 miles when my longest run up to now has only been 3.5. So probably next year.


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