Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More cute little girls

I've been challenging myself to master my camera better. I usually use Av mode for my portraits, but I've switched to full manual and I'm liking the results.

This is one of my new favorites of Katie, fingers in the mouth and all.
I like this one too, but I think the black background might be a tad too harsh.

I didn't nail the focus like I wanted in this next one, but I love the composition and the story it tells.
Harmony can barely sit still for a picture, but I love this laid-back one.

I like the sweetness of this one.
But the expression on this one is more her personality.
And finally, one of Eliza with the beautiful snow as a backdrop.


3in3mom said...

Love em!

swedemom said...

Such beautiful portraits. I think you are really improving. I am so impressed!

Dana said...

Lighting looks perfect in the first one. Full manual is the way to go! ;)

Joy For Your Journey said...

Your pictures are beautiful. You do a great job.

I was just catching up on your blog and read the post about pride. It reminded me of many years ago when they asked me to substitute in RS playing the piano. It terrified me. I don't mind public speaking or teaching, but I HATE playing the piano in public. Anyway, the first week was good, but in the second week I made a bad mistake and had to quit playing for a few seconds and then caught up. A lady in the ward made a very rude comment about my mistake right out loud to everyone. A couple ladies laughed and I have never played in public again. Dumb, I know, but I figured there was no reason to put myself through that kind of torture if people couldn't be nice about it.

So I totally agree with you. Just appreciate everyone's gifts--no matter what level they are on. No one does everything perfectly--so no one is in a position to be critical. And it seems to me that someone who does something very well should be the first person to appreciate the efforts of others!


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