Video Playlists for Come Follow Me April through December

Well, my life took a turn.  It's been alternatively peaceful, crazy, relaxed, hectic, organized, chaos, awesome, and frustrating to be quarantined at home with 10 of our 11 kids.  Our missionary son in Louisiana is stuck in his apartment, teaching and contacting people remotely.

The rest of us are stuck in front of a lot of different screens dealing with college, high school, middle school, elementary and preschool suddenly online.  I feel blessed that we are at a good place.  My husband's employment is pretty secure.  We have a big backyard and lots of forests, lakes, and trails within a few hours of our house so we aren't as cooped up as some.  Our older kids are pretty self-motivated and are keeping up on their schoolwork by themselves, though the younger ones need a lot of help navigating this new online world.  The education quality has been a bit uneven, with some teachers and classes being very intense and others barely requiring anything.

We are trying to find a good family balance between work and play and finding new ways to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, like going on a slot canyon hike with my daughter for her birthday this week.

I had intended to keep up with posting video playlists each week for Come Follow Me, but I can barely figure out what day of the week is and find a moment to catch up on laundry, so I'm going to just post the rough playlists I have for the remainder of the year now.  Hopefully, I can add more to them as we get closer to each week's study.  

Bookmark this page for easy access to them each week!

Week 17 CFM BofM Mosiah 7-10

18 CFM Mosiah 11-17

19 CFM Mosiah 18-24

20 CFM Mosiah 25-28

21 CFM Mosiah 29 - Alma 4

22 CFM Alma 5-7

23 CFM BofM Alma 8-12

24 CFM BofM Alma 13-16

25 CFM BofM Alma 17-22

26 CFM BofM Alma 23-29

27 CFM BofM Alma 30-31

28 CFM BofM Alma 32-35

29 CFM BofM Alma 36-38, July 20-26

30 CFM BofM Alma 39-42, July 27-Aug 2

31 CFM BofM Alma 43-52, Aug 3-9

32 CFM BofM Alma 53-63, Aug 10-16

33 CFM BofM Helaman 1-6, Aug 17-23

34 CFM BofM Helaman 7-12, Aug 24-30

35 CFM BofM Helman 13-16, Aug 31-Sept 6

36 CFM BofM 3 Nephi 1-7, Sept 7-13

37 CFM BofM 3 Nephi 8-11, Sept 14-20

38 CFM BofM 3 Nephi 12-16, Sept 21-27

39 CFM BofM 3 Nephi 17-19, GC, Sept 28-Oct 11

40 CFM BofM 3 Nephi 20-26, Oct 12-18

41 CFM BofM 3 Nephi 27-4 Nephi, Oct 19-25

42 CFM BofM Mormon 1-6, Oct 26-Nov 1

43 CFM BofM Mormon 7-9, Nov 2-8

44 CFM BofM Ether 1-5, Nov 9-15

45 CFM BofM Ether 6-11

46 CFM BofM Ether 12-15, Nov 23-29

47 CFM BofM Moroni 1-6, Nov 30-Dec 6

48 CFM BofM Moroni 7-9, Dec 7-13

49 CFM BofM Moroni 10, Dec 14-20

50 CFM Christmas, Dec 21-27


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