You don't want to see these pictures.

So don't look. Especially if you're squeamish.

Trust me, you don't want to know about the three snakes Allison caught and shared with her sisters, the way they slithered in and out and around their hands, the way they captured them when they squirmed away, and the absolute delight with which they handled them. You certainly wouldn't want to hear the story about how they captured three snakes in the front yard and convinced their mom to let them keep them, if only for the afternoon.

And you REALLY don't want to see these videos, even if they are hilarious.
(Disclosure: No snakes or children were harmed in the making of these videos.)

Perhaps this would be a good time to mention I hate snakes. I can't stand the way they move, the way they wriggle, the way their faces are so . . . snakelike. I have absolutely no desire to see, touch, or hear about them. If you posted pictures like these on YOUR blog, I'd probably skip it.

But I do love my kids and I'm glad they enjoy the world around them. Ah, yes, the sacrifices of motherhood.

And while we're on the subject of things you don't want to see, did you know we had bees that swarmed near our house?

My own kids wouldn't get very close, but we called a friend who's recently taken on beekeeping with her three kids, and they happily and excitedly came over to capture them. "Free bees!" they exulted. "They're FREE bees."


Ambrosia said…
You are right, I didn't want to see the pictures of snakes. If I have snake nightmares tonight I am blaming you.

But I wish I was the one to come over and catch the free bees--I wish even more that I had the skills to. It is a dream of mine to raise honey bees one day.
Michelle said…
what a good mom--letting them "keep" the snakes for a day ;)

my oldest daughter is the best frog & snake catcher when we are camping. One of my fav. camping photos of her is one with her holding a snake by her face--yuck! But the coloring was perfect in the photo. (thankfully they let the animals live by the lake)
Lindhardts said…
Oh you are such a better mom than I. Just so you know- I skipped the pics. Dont want to see them, EVER!! I have a hard time looking at snakes on TV, pics, even rubber snakes teriffy me. My kids once picked up a gardner snake and I went in the house and told them to get rid of it. You were so nice to let them keep them and play with them.
3in3mom said…
wow, I am not sure how I'd be--I'm not a snake lover, but somehow I can manage seeing em in pictures knowing they aren't coming at me. My kids wanted some though--after we saw the videos. Bees on the other hand---NO WAY!
Wow! What brave little girls you have! And what a great mom you are! I had neighbor boys show up at my house once with a big king snake. I opened the door, saw what they were holding and then screamed and shut the door in their face. I hate the slimy, slithery things! But you are my hero for not only letting your kids play with them, but taping it as well!

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