Friday, June 16, 2006

Selling our house . . .

Is going VERY well. We have had so much interest -- we put our FSBO sign out front late Monday night. Tuesday, I showed it three times, Wednesday, I showed it once, and yesterday I showed it twice. I have two appointments to show it today and tomorrow, one to someone who's seeing it for the second time, this time with his wife. Everyone who walks through loves it (how could they not?), so I don't think it will be on the market long. I just hope we can work out the closing so we don't have to move twice, but if we sell for asking price, I suppose we can find an apartment or something for a few months.

I'm excited to think about another family enjoying this home. It has been a wonderful blessing for us. It was trashed when we moved in, which was the only way we could afford it at the time, when DH was still in school. We have done so much work on it. The yard was pitiful, with ugly enormous bushes we ripped out and grass that was mostly dead. When I walk in our backyard now, I am so proud of all that we've been able to do over the past 5 years. With help from our friends, we built a fence. Then DH & I alone built an enormous deck I designed. DH's friend helped us do a built-in barbecue/fire pit. We put in garden boxes, built a shed, enclosed a carport to make it a garage, plus a ton of other things. I hope whoever buys this home enjoys it as much as we have.

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