So proud . . .

I took the older three kids to our local pool this afternoon for a bit of swimming. They have two waterslides there, but you have to be 48" tall to ride them alone or pass a swim test. Michael (4) has no interest in going, so the last few times we've been there, I've had to take turns with Lillian (7) & Joey (5) going down with me. Today, I realized that Lillian is tall enough to ride alone, so I was able to leave Michael once and take Joey while Lillian went alone for the very first time! She was a bit nervous, but had a blast and then went a few times alone after that.

A while later, I decided to ask what it would take to pass the swim test. I was told the child had to swim all the way across the pool without stopping. I've never seen Joey do that, but I tried a few times having him swim to me halfway, then swim the other half of the pool too. We decided to give it a try. I found the lifeguard and Joey jumped in and swam with all his might. He got halfway across when he started to struggle a bit, but he pushed on and made it the whole way. When he got his wristband showing he'd passed, he was SO proud and excited. He and Lillian took off right away to go down the slides alone. I loved to see them walk off holding hands. When they returned, Joey had the biggest grin on his face. Of course, they had to go again, and again, and again.

By the time we left, Lillian had gone down the slide 11 times, and Joey went down twice with me, and 4 times alone. Lillian told me this was one of her best days ever, and Joey couldn't wait to tell his dad all about it.


Chalice said…
That is so sweet. Sounds like your kids are best of friends. CONGRATS to Joey!

Love, Chailce

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