Three Years Old (Wordless Wednesday)

I took Harmony out for a quick photo shoot the other day. I was so pleased with how these captured her personality! By the way, I still have a few spaces available if you are looking for family photos this fall -- my schedule is here.


Corine Moore said…
These adorable photos just made me giggle! :) I wish I lived close enough to have you do our family photos! I'm SO tired of the 5 minute tripod scene!!!
lesa said…
You do a great job!
Those are adorable!!! I love all her cute expressions.
Jen said…
What an adorable little one!
Oh, so cute!! I can't believe she is three already. I think the last picture is my favorite one.

And I wish you lived nearby. We want to do family photos this winter when all the kids are home. We have added six people to our family since our last picture.
kacy faulconer said…
She's so cute and one of our favorite Bartholomews.

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