Friday, August 19, 2011

The Decision -- Free Download (Friday Favorites)

It's finished! You may have remembered last fall, I encouraged a $1 donation towards a friend's media project animating a story that teaches children what to do if they come across "adult" material.

Well, the project has been completed and is very well done -- it would make a great teaching tool for your family, AND right now, there is a free download coupon for the first 100 people to download it. Hurry and get your free copy now (coupon code is DECISION-FREE-100 ), and pass the word along.

If you miss the free copy, don't worry. The price to download the video is only $1. I think most budgets can handle that.

Download the video today!

1 comment:

Amber said...

thanks for the link- will you send me your email address to We are going to be building and I'd like to ask you what things you like best about your house-- I'm thinking we definitely want 2 dishwashers and an extra sink! Thanks, Amber


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