Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Idaho Adventures (Nearly Wordless Wednesday)

I grew up in a town near Boise, Idaho. This past weekend, we took our family up for a fun adventure. We spent Wednesday and Saturday night at my parents house and Thursday and Friday in McCall Idaho.

My mother-in-law joined us. My father-in-law volunteers his time at the Manti temple each week and wasn't able to get away.

We had a great time!

playing on the swings at my parents house:
(I know, aren't these two sweet together?)

feeding my parent's cows:

My nephew's Eagle Project was building large building blocks for a children's museum, sort of like Lincoln logs, only flat. My dad made some for his grandkids as well. My kids enjoyed building their own house after dismantling the one my dad had built.

Michael was the most determined architect, sticking with it even after the others gave up.
The kids loved the trampoline:

My dad, who is a kid at heart and an engineer by training, rigged up a sprinkler in the trees out of PVC pipe that would rain down on the kids at the push of a remote control. On our last night there, Joey and Michael jumped on the trampoline for about an hour and got soaking wet.

My dad rigged up his lawn mower for the grandkids to drive and tote each other around the yard -- Michael's favorite activity:

just playing around:

(this is Katie with her cousin)

The drive to McCall goes through some of the prettiest Idaho countryside:
These are the fun cabins we stayed at:

I thought the kids wouldn't want to get in the water much. It was only 70 degrees both days and a bit windy. But nothing holds back these kids.

(I know, I took a LOT of pictures of Harmony. But how could I resist?)

My parents brought their ATVs and we went on hikes and rides. We saw lots of deer as well as chipmunks and birds. We went to the lookout one night:

The three grandparents. Harmony thought it was hilarious to have TWO grandmas at the same time!
My mom hates having her picture taken, but I loved how this one of my parents turned out. I hope my face has as much character when I'm this age:
These two little girls didn't get to go on long rides on the ATVs, but loved the trips around and around the parking lot. Can you tell they had a good time?

By the way, if this trip looks familiar, it's because we did something similar last year.


bjahlstrom said...

I just love all the pictures of Harmony and Eliza. Although I've not met your family in person, the photos seem to showcase their unique personalities so much! it Sarah or Allison who is growing her hair long?

Joy For Your Journey said...

I love the pictures!! They are so darling!! Wow. You are so good!!

Dina said...

I love fun little getaways like that! Looks perfect!

Wendy said...

Lots of fun pictures!! I can just imagine the scrapbook pages that you could create with such pictures!!

We've been up to McCall as well. My Hill side of the family holds their Family Reunion twice a year at a campground near there. But I haven't been back there since I was pregnant with Heidi back in 2002.

We always have plans to go again, but something always comes up and we haven't been able to do it. But it is very pretty up there!

Maryanne said...

Your pictures are great! It looks like everyone had such a great time, and I love the picture of your parents.

Erin said...

I LOVED those pictures! I have so many fun memories of Aunt RaNae! I always get excited to visit home when she is around. :)


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