Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Weekend in Idaho (Nearly Wordless Wednesday)

We had a beautiful trip to Idaho last week. We stayed two nights in small cabins on Payette Lake with my parents, my sister's family and my brother's family.

I think genetics is a funny thing. My kids have always been on the small side. Harmony, for instance, at a year old, is only a little over 17 lbs. She's always been in the 3rd percentile for weight. Her cousin, Jonah, on the other hand . . .
is half her age and twice her size. (Well, not quite, but he is over twenty pounds at six months of age!)

And Jonah's older sister Sydney is not to be outdone. She's four months older than Eliza, and barely 3, but she's almost as tall as my five-year-olds.
Here's Allison, Sydney, and Eliza standing together:

The trip was great -- we fed cows at my parents house,

played and canoed in the lake (even though it was rather cold),

went on my dad's ATVs,
enjoyed a lovely hike,
gathered interesting bugs, rocks, and pinecones

and really enjoyed ourselves!


Joy For Your Journey said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I am ready for a vacation like that. Actually I am ready to go anywhere that is less than 100 degrees!!

How are you feeling with your pregnancy? Any morning sickness?

Lana said...

I LOVE Payette Lake- It is so beautiful! Im glad you had so much fun.


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