Sunday, November 16, 2008

Free Advertising for Mr. Clean

I don't know why I've never tried them before, but yesterday, I had DH pick up some Mr. Clean Magic Erasers at the store and I'm sold! With a tiny bit of scrubbing, all crayon and pencil marks came off my walls. With a bit more effort, all the scuff and shoe marks came off. The only thing that didn't come off was some of the ball-point pen. It really was magic!

So happily, my entire house is no longer a tribute to my children's artistic ability.


Becky Lewis said...

That is just wonderful. I am a mother of 13 so I can easily relate. One thing that we did on Christmas
eve that you might like to try is we turned off all the lights and used candles. So everything that required electricity was shut down. This creates an atmosphere of reverence, it made us focus on the Savior, we had our little nativity story (differently each year) and it calms the excited butterflies in the tummies of the youth and they fell asleep more quickly than expected. Then of course we began our work. Those are the moments we remember. Have fun, I have two left at home and the rest are all creating their own memories.

fiona said...

I love Magic Erasers! Zachariah just went to Miami for a day and those were on his short and hurried list. Now your budding artists can keep creating, over and over...! ;)


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