Someday, I'm sure I'll laugh.

I'll think it's the best story, how I let you go to sleep in my spot last night so you wouldn't bug your sister. I moved you to your own bed, then lay down to find out what you'd been doing to my sheets (but only where you thought you could put a pillow down to cover it up):

And how as soon as my back was turned this morning, you took a crayon and colored on the chairs:

Someday, I'm sure I'll laugh. Maybe the day you become a famous artist and buy me a pink Cadillac (which I'll trade in immediately for something much classier, like, say, a Dodge Sprinter).
Or perhaps the day other parents start calling, asking me what they can do to help their children develop into famous artists like you. "I encouraged them over and over again to only color on paper," I'll say, "but such talent cannot be restrained."

Or maybe the day you get an art scholarship to a prestigious university and I can brag to all my friends, "Yes, she got her start right here in our humble home, decorating her walls:"

Or perhaps when the Sistene Chapel calls and wants the ceiling painted in their new addition, I'll feel a sense of pride, knowing that life in our family has uniquely prepared you for your calling in life.

Or when your famous art teacher tells me that she's never seen such a young prodigy.
Or when your colorful, inventive new toy wins "Best Toy of 2028"

Or maybe when you become the next Martha Stewart, designing colorful, imaginative new fixtures that brighten up everyone's home:

Or maybe I'm dreaming, and the only time I'll laugh is when your daughter does this to your walls, your toys, your sheets, your lamps, your life, and I think to myself, "revenge is sweet."

(note: most of the artwork above was done by Sarah in the last six months, but her partner in crime Allison is probably guilty of some of it.)


April J. said…
Ahhhhh!!!!! I do have to say staying in the lines on the molding is quite good and the Punky Brewster-esque vent...that is a work of art.
Janae said…
Wow what an artist. I am happy to say that my little artist has only hit a few of those places. I hope she can restrain her talent better than yours. But if makes it better, she does it with a sharpie. Our carpet will never be the same. Have fun cleaning!!!
Mama Rachel said…
You're not alone, sister! ;-)

I've found that I cannot live without Mr. Clean's Magic Erasers. They've helped me remove crayons and permanent markers!

Now, if only this house hadn't been painted with a flat paint finish...


I loved your post! :)
Lisa6Kids said…
Our house looks just like that!

Wizzard MoM said…
Did Sarah do that to all of those things or is that just a compilation of art from various kids???

Sweet Revenge -- gives me a lot of HOPE!!! Is that bad???
Shukr said…
that is soooo funny!!!
what is great is when they start writing their name/ initials and leave evidence of Which Child It Was
(useful in larger family!!!)
swedemom said…
I think this is one of your funniest posts. I love it. And unfortunately, I could probably write a similar post given all the walls my children have drawn on. I even sheets with beautiful marker strokes on them.

P.S. I tagged you. So if you want to, come over to my blog and play.
Aislinn said…
Oh, my! I hope you don't mind that I'm laughing now instead of later. ;o) It makes me feel so much better. I have many walls that look like that. I used to try to touch them up with the leftover paint I had, but I don't anymore. I like to think it's because I've learned to value the creativity that's being expressed, but I'm pretty sure it's really because I've given up on keeping up with it all. My worst offender was Aine and it does give me a certain sense of purpose when her kinder teacher says that she's the best artist in the class and the other kids keep asking how come she can draw so well. LOL...lots and lots of practice. ;o)
Lindsay Ruiz said…
This is hilarious. Not the coloring of the house, but the way you tell it. Yeah, maybe they will get chilren who will do the same (or maybe worse, wink. wink.). Too bad we have to wait that long.
Jen O said…
I just wanted to say that I really like your blog. You manage to talk about the tough times in motherhood without whining and it is so refreshing. It lets me take comfort in knowing other moms deal with the same things I do but doesn't let me stay gloomy about it. Thanks a lot.

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