2017 Top Ten

On our way home from California, we had each child write a list of their favorite memories of 2017. Then for Family Home Evening on the 1st, I compiled them into one list and had the kids mark their favorites.  It was pretty amazing to see just how many things we did in 2017.  The top vote-getters are below.  I started trying to find photos for every event, but then it got a bit tedious.  So

Top 10 Moments :

1. Gideon was born!  (I don't think there was a single child who didn't choose this one, because what else can compete with a new baby brother?)

2. Michael hanging out with his bathrobe and sword on Sundays

3. McCall Trip and Renting Jet Skis

We stopped at Idaho's City of the Rocks on the way

4. Benji learning new words and becoming obsessed with trucks and “Round and Round,” 

5. Little Girl Daddy Trip with Leeman Caves and Ghost Train

6. Visiting Newport Coast and the Beach for Christmas

7. River Rafting in the Boise and Payette Rivers

8. Going to the Eclipse in Idaho

9. DH Running the Canyon with the girls on their bikes

10. Lillian’s Graduation and Brick Oven Dinner Celebration

Honorable Mentions:

1. Huntsville Half Marathon and Marathon

2. Watching Joey perform his mad swoll bike skills

3. Trek for the four teens, including Joey’s awesome talk and getting home to take a shower.

4. Playing games together like slime pig, speed, bluff, go fish, and sleeping queens

5. Michael working at Pizza Pie Café and bringing home pizza for us.

6. California Dolphin Watching

7. Mom crawling around for 11 days and then her miraculous recovery

8. Seeing the Last Jedi as a family

9.  20th Anniversary Trip to Florida and the Bahamas

Other Favorite Family Moments:

· Lillian Moving Out to college and the rooms rearranged – EK, HC, AS, BG together

· Rockhounding for Geodes and Other Snazzy Rocks

· 27 Mile Bryce Canyon Bike Ride

· “Pie Day” to celebrate mom’s healing

· Grandpa became a Patriarch

· Joey’s talk at Stake Conference

· Mom running a triathlon

· TSA Nationals for Sarah

· Eliza and Aaron in St. George

· California Fishing Trip

· Antelope Island Night Ride

· Thanksgiving

· Rollerblading in California

· Shopping for Clothes with Daddy on Black Friday

· Katie got a new bike and Joey helped her ride it.

· Girls Camp

· Joey Backpacking with Jed and Connor

· Joey catching a Walleye and a Sturgeon

· High Adventure for Joey and Michael

· Lillian working on her mission papers

· Lillian’s Senior Trip

· Pioneer Day

· Michael’s Writing Camp

We have been richly and wonderfully blessed this past year.  We look forward to the challenges and joys 2018 will bring!


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