Wednesday, December 14, 2016

One a Day: October 2016

DH finished the St. George Marathon with an awesome time!

Family picture day

Harmony charming friends we hosted for a Hawaiian luau

We loved having our Hawaiian friends come for a few days.  Their four kids had never seen snow before.  So glad we were able to drive up high enough to find some.

Love that impish grin!  Cami helped me set up for preschool pictures

My mom and dad came and my dad taught us how to fix our drywall holes from a plumbing disaster.

Love these girls!  Senior pictures for Lillian and her friends

I love that I have older kids who help the younger ones with school projects!

Cami and two of her best friends

Sarah and Eliza went as my helpers to some photo shoots.  Sarah thought the wig would be a nice touch.

Sunday evening walk in the beautiful fall weather

Fourth Grade Wax Museum Day.  Eliza was the inventor of the ice cream maker

Fall Break in Park City.

Painting pumpkins

Happy Birthday hugs for Joey

Loved having two extra little kids around for a bit!

Allison checking out the turtles between assisting me with photo shoots

Happy Tenth Birthday to Eliza!

Happy Halloween!

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