Tuesday, March 03, 2015

The Middle Months of Pregnancy (plus a video)

I'm almost twenty weeks and my ultrasound is later today.  We asked the kids for their guesses this morning.  Michael, Katie, and Cami guess girl, the rest guess boy, and DH wisely abstained from voting.  For the first time, I'm bringing some of my kids to the ultrasound -- Lillian, Allison, and Sarah.  I'm excited.

It's amazing how quickly I've gone from being able to wear slightly baggier clothes and not showing the pregnancy at all to feeling huge and wearing maternity clothes.

This is me at 14.5 weeks, and part of that baby bulge is that I was wearing a bulky skirt:

And here I am at 19.5 weeks:

Speaking of maternity clothes, I got mine out and I realized that I hated almost all of them.  Why anyone thinks that pregnant people are just dying to iron the clothes they bought thinking they wouldn't wrinkle is beyond me.  Plus, some of my maternity shirts are ones I wore 15 years ago.   So I went to Target, tried on everything they had, and bought three or four shirts that I actually like, letting me give a bunch of my stuff to DI.  

I'm enjoying the best part of pregnancy:  feeling the baby move.  I felt it first at 16.5 weeks and she or he has only gotten bigger and more active since then.  Love it!  

It's gotten harder to keep up with the running, as I've felt a lot of uncomfortable pulling in my abdomen, especially on my weekend longer runs (5-7 miles).  I have a 10K on Saturday and I'd thought I'd have to stick to shorter runs after that, but then last week, I bought this.  I've only run with it twice now, but it has been awesome.  So maybe I'll be able to run for a few more months after all.

Ideally, I'd be able to run the entire pregnancy, but I just don't know if that's even possible. Even though I ran a marathon at 15 weeks last time, I didn't run much at all afterwards, first because I was waiting for my knee to heal, and then because it was cold, I was big and pregnant, and I didn't feel like it.  

I've been doing more on the elliptical, and I've been able to get in about five of my favorite yoga routines each week, which has been great.  I've had modify a couple of the moves so I'm not lying flat on my back or flat on my belly, but otherwise, the routines have been awesome.  

Katie keeps telling me, "Mommy, you're getting fat!" and sometimes, she puts her hand on my growing belly to emphasize her point.  But she also thinks we should name the baby Arrow if it's a boy and Tessa, like her friend's baby, if it's a girl.  My husband's vote is for something like Benjamin Eragon Eomer Legolas Gandolph Bartholomew (he'd never get out of first grade if he had to write all that down!).  I'm of the persuasion that one Lord of the Rings-inspired name is enough for any family (Camilla's middle name is Eowyn).  We'll see if I win the argument.  

I'm hopeful baby cooperates today!

What do you like about the middle months of pregnancy?  Any tips on keeping up with the running after my 10K?  And anyone want to venture a guess on this baby's gender?

P. S.  For those who are interested, here's the short video of how we announced our pregnancy to the kids on Christmas Eve.

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