Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Potty Training Fail, Illness, and New Toys

Potty-training Cami didn't last long, darn it.  After starting two weeks ago Monday, she, she got sick on Wednesday and between throwing up and explosive diarrhea, we went back to diapers.  She's better now, but says she wants to stay little a bit longer and not wear underwear.  So we'll try again in another month or two.

* * *
Speaking of illness, Cami felt better by Friday.  Then Saturday night, four of the little girls threw up in the night.  They felt fine by Monday, when I got hit with it.  Then Tuesday of last week, Michael threw up, followed by Katie on Wednesday.  If I'd been smart, I would have just cleared my calendar for two weeks once Cami got sick.  But I'm ever the optimist and always hope the rest of us will be spared.  It's been nearly a week since the last one got sick and I'm hopeful we've seen the last of it.  DH, Lillian, and Joey were the only ones spared.
Cami back to her old self and ready to pump some iron.

* * *

I got a couple of new camera toys last week.  I'd saved up enough for another lens and was debating between a smaller prime that's easier to carry around or a macro lens for close-ups.

But there's been this red-tailed hawk that has been perching on a tree in our backyard almost every day for a weeks, and it's been driving me crazy that I can't zoom in very close, so I decided to go for a wildlife lens.  I'm excited to take it out to the lake and to the beach with my kids.  It's 600mm on the long end, and it's been fun to play with.  But man, it's a tank!

I feel like a member of the paparazzi carrying it around, but it's been fun to get photos of my kids from a distance.  That red-tailed hawk, however, has only shown up once since I got the lens and I wasn't able to get it onto my camera fast enough before it flew away.

My other new toy was a macro extension tube for all of $15.  It fits between my camera and a lens and makes it possible to focus extremely close to the lens.  It's a little tricky to work, as it has only a fixed spot where the subject is in focus (no zooming in and out and re-focusing), I have to manually focus the lens, and the depth of field is extremely narrow since I can't close down my aperture, but it's still been a fun little toy to take flower photos with.

Before, this was about as close as I could get to my crocuses:

Decent enough photos, but nothing like the fun of getting in even closer:

I have so much more I want to write about -- the 10K I ran a few weeks ago, the races my husband and kids have been doing, how my kids are learning to be better and more independent cooks in the kitchen, how I've picked up some fiction books lately and have been reminded of why I don't read them often (because I ignore everyone anything until I find out what happens next!), and more.  

But I've only got a few more minutes today, so I'll save it for next week.  Life is good.

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