Friday, December 05, 2014

Worth a Look (Friday Favorites)

In Honor of Thanksgiving:

Unique Recipes Googled in Each State

This one is super interesting.  It's NOT the most popular recipes in each state, it's ones that are googled there that aren't googled as much other places.  I love that Arizona is "turkey enchiladas" and Utah is "funeral potatoes"

What the World Eats  From National Geographic

Chocolate Carmel Pecan Pie (I really wanted to make this one for Thanksgiving, but ran out of time).


#SharetheGift of Christmas

President Eyring Addresses the Vatican On Marriage

"Our differences combined as if they were designed to create a better whole. Rather than dividing us, our differences bound us together. Above all, our unique abilities allowed us to become partners with God in creating human life. The happiness that came from our becoming one built faith in our children and grandchildren that marriage could be a continuing source of satisfaction for them and their families.You have seen enough unhappiness in marriages and families to ask why some marriages produce happiness while others create unhappiness. Many factors make a difference, but one stands out to me.
Where there is selfishness, natural differences of men and women often divide. Where there is unselfishness, differences become complementary and provide opportunities to help and build each other. Spouses and family members can lift each other and ascend together if they care more about the interests of the other than their own interests. 
If unselfishness is the key to complementary marriage between a man and a woman, we know what we must do to help create a renaissance of successful marriages and family life. 
We must find ways to lead people to a faith that they can replace their natural self-interest with deep and lasting feelings of charity and benevolence. With that change, and only then, will people be able to make the hourly unselfish sacrifices necessary for a happy marriage and family life—and to do it with a smile. 
The change that is needed is in people’s hearts more than in their minds. The most persuasive logic will not be enough unless it helps soften hearts."

Finding Faith in Infertility
“I can’t believe I’m dumping all this on you.”“Why? I’m your sister,” I said.
Her crying resumed. “Here you are, trying everything you can to have kids, and I’m complaining about mine.”
My heart ached when she said this, but not for me; for her. “Em,” I said, “I have a broken leg. You have a broken arm. It’s not like it doesn’t hurt. You’re allowed to feel that pain and tell me about it. Your trials have nothing to do with mine.”"


37 Reasons to Visit Iceland

For Laughs:

If you haven't discovered Studio C yet, you NEED to watch it.  Totally clean, hilarious sketch comedy for the whole family.  You can watch the episodes online for free. 

This one recently went viral, with over 13 million views:  

And if you're a Hunger Games fan, you will love these:

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Jenny Evans said...

My kids love Studio C. I don't always think it's funny, but at least I know it's always clean. My favorites are probably Inventors, Weighty Matters, and Poker Face. (They're all on YouTube.)


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