Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Going Wide (Wordless Wednesday)

A few weeks ago, this magical box arrived.  I was surprised, because I'd talked to my husband and had told him I was going to wait until Black Friday to get any new lenses and that I was thinking that as much as I'd love a wider angle for landscape work, it wasn't something I would ever get a return on my investment for like the portrait lenses.  It would be strictly a fun indulgence.

Which, I guess, is what he thought I deserved.

What a sweetheart!

This new lens is a Rokinon 14mm, which is extremely wide -- my previous widest is 24.

It's been fun to play with.

The thing about wide angle lenses is that a lot of people get them thinking of capturing huge vistas.

But actually, the angle is so wide that landscape work with wide angle is really about the foreground.  You might stand in front of an amazing view, but whatever is in the foreground is going to stand out because the perspective makes it so large relative to the background.

So you really need to make sure what is in the foreground is interesting and compelling, like these berries.

or these flowers.

It was fun to play with the lens indoors, though as an all-manual lens, it's going to take me a while to figure out its focusing.

And just for fun, some shots from inside the house:

Notice how much room in the photo is taken up by the ceiling and the couch?  All about the foreground.

 Fun to fit my whole kitchen into one frame:

My great room:

And some cookie-making munchkins:

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Kristen said...

That looks like a fun lens to play with. What a nice husband to indulge you. :) Have fun with it!


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