Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to School (Nearly Wordless Wednesday)

It's going to be a little bit interesting at our house this year.  With seven kids in three different schools, one in preschool, and a toddler, we certainly get the full range of parenting experiences!  We have a ninth-grader, a seventh-grader, a fifth-grader, two fourth-graders, a first-grader, and a kindergartner (love that age, don't love the shuffle right in the middle of the day to get them to school)

Most interesting of all for us is that this year, our twins will be at two different schools.  Lots of thought and discussion went into that, but when it came for the final decision, it was really their own choice, and kind of a surprising one at that.  They've been in separate classes for second and third grade, so that part's been done before.  But different schools?  I'll let you know how it goes.

I do feel blessed my kids have so many good educational choices in our town. 

Here's our first wave -- the kids who started last week:

Michael's thrilled -- can you tell?




And all four together:

And the ones who started this week:


Liz Wheeler said...

I'd love to hear why you switched schools with some of your kids and if it's a better fit?!! We just switched from the charter school we had been going to to the local school. I am still in mourning - LOVED our charter school, uniforms and all, but needed to simplify our life as we are drowning right now between the move to a house that needs work, a super cranky newborn, and increased therapy for Michael. This year we just had to let the kids get themselves to school and reduce the homework load

Claire said...

Have a great year!


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