Monday, January 07, 2013

Monday Musings #4

Harmony cut her own hair a few weeks before Christmas, butchering her bangs and cutting much of the hair on her right side.  We've been mostly covering it up for weeks with a large crocheted headband, but our haircutter came last week and tried to make her hair presentable.  

Here's a before:
 And here's an after:

*  I am so tired of the cold here.  We had a mild winter last year, so the single-digit temperatures we've endured this past week are jarring.  I drove the kids to school this morning when I checked my phone and found it to be 1 degree.  As my son Michael says, "I just wish it would get in the twenties so we can enjoy the snow." 

*  I'm looking forward to warmer temperatures so I can run outside.  I'm hating the treadmill right now, though I've found that if I do a pre-programmed workout instead of just a run, I endure it better.  Something about the changes in elevation and speed and counting down from 30 minutes rather than counting up keep me more motivated.  Case in point?  This morning, I figured I'd just run and I quit after 23 minutes and 2 miles.  I figured that was good enough.  Two miles at a time is fine for now, but starting February, I've got to start doing between 3 and 6 miles each time.  I'd really rather not have to do that on the treadmill.

* Cami is almost 11 months and running around all over.  She doesn't hold still and climbs stairs like a maniac.  She has four teeth and she's just started wearing 18 month size clothing (she's not quite as tiny as some of my other kids).  Everyone adores her.  Michael says, "She's just so cute you want to squeeze her."  Don't you agree?

* My husband and I sat down to plan the year yesterday and though I think life should slow down sometime, for the next four months, either my husband or my family is gone every other week or so.  In the summer, we've got girls camp, Scout camp, a family trip, and a Daddy trip.  Come fall, my husband has one or two more work trips and we'd like to do a family trip over fall break.  My husband's favoring San Diego.  I'd like to go somewhere we've never been before, like Lake Havasu, Arizona.  First world problems, I suppose.  I'm grateful my family is able to travel together so much and I love the time spent together. 

* My husband and I saw Lincoln on Friday.  I thought it took a few liberties with historical facts -- like the beginning scene about the Gettysburg address.  At the time it was given, the address was considered a failure and wasn't much noted.  I also had to close my eyes during some of the scenes of battle.  But otherwise, I loved it.  I wonder if Lincoln really did walk so awkwardly.  I know he was one for story-telling and I found that a delightful part of the movie.


Kacy Faulconer said...

I thought Harmony's hair looked cute Sunday. CTR4!

Holli said...

Does every little girl have an incident with hair cutting? I know I cut my sister's hair when we were little, and I've heard many other stories. She looks cute. Sounds like a fun year plan. We have been living in San Diego just over a year now and love it. It's gorgeous in the Fall!

rachel said...

Its stinking hot and uncomfortable here in sunny Melbourne, Aus! Want to trade!?? :)


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