Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Birthdays (Wordless Wednesday)

In the past few weeks, we've had two birthdays. Eliza is now five. Her birthday has given me a lot to reflect on. The past five years have been so full and brought so many blessings. When Eliza was born, the sixth in seven years, we were homeless. We'd sold one house and were in the process of trying to finish another. We brought her "home" to a hotel room. When she was eight days old, we packed up and moved into our still-unfinished home.

Moving, unpacking, finishing the house, caring for so many little ones (including two-year-old twinadoes) made for an exhausting and challenging time. But it also an exciting one, as the progress we made, little by little, began to pay off.

Five years later, here she is, our sweet, fun, pleasant Eliza, now five:

Lillian made her cake in the flavors and colors she specified:
Lillian also made and decorated a cake for Joey, who turned 11 just a few days before Eliza:

And what birthday would be complete without a few birthday hugs?


swedemom said...

I remember visiting you in your new not-quite finished house with your beautiful baby, Eliza. She was such a gorgeous baby! And she really has grown to be a lovely girl.

I love the picture of the birthday hugs. I got a lump in throat looking at them.

Maryanne said...

So sweet that Lillian made and decorated their cakes! I'm glad you have your wonderful house now-- going home to a hotel room must have been so hard.


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