Sunday, April 03, 2011

Spring in Utah

First, three glorious days of playing outside and loving these beauties right by my front door:

and then, waking up this morning to this:
Just a typical spring here!

At least I had something wonderful to listen to this weekend.

And some exciting news to celebrate:
a new temple is going to be built in my hometown of Meridian, Idaho!


Sarah said...

I have been following your blog for a few months and you are such an inspiration! I saw that you were from Meridian, ID. I am too! What a small world. I am also so excited for that temple even though I am living in Missouri right now.

Kacy said...

We made the most of it while we could (and in between sessions)!

Sarah said...

My family lives on Linder and Meridian roads close to Roaring Springs. I went to Meridian High for 2 years and then graduated from Mountain View in 2005. Do you go back often to visit? How do you like Utah? I do understand the snow because we keep getting more here in Missouri too! And I also lived in Rexburg for 4 years. :)

Gary and Debbie Rex said...

New temples are popping up everywhere!! I love it! The temple in Brigham City (my hometown) is progressing more and more each time we go home. What an amazing time of temple building. We're heading up to Portland and are stopping in Meridian to stay with Gary's cousin on the way back. We'll say Hi to your hometown for you! ;)


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