Friday, March 11, 2011

Sad (Friday Not-so-Favorites)

Once again, the pictures say it all:

Massive Earthquake Hits Japan

I've mentioned the Big Picture website before. There's just something about seeing the photos that news stories can't duplicate.


swedemom said...

As I listened to the news report on NPR this morning, I just felt overwhelmed with sadness and with an urgent need to pray for those people who are suffering.

Julie said...

I've never been to that site before. Thank you for sharing it. A picture really does paint a thousand words. Very shocking how quickly lives can change. I'm so sad for those people.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Those were shocking pictures. How sad for everyone. But I am very grateful all the missionaries were found and are safe.

This has just been a very sad week, I think. Besides Japan, I found out my uncle has cancer, a friend lost her grandbaby, another friend has her 9 year old daughter in intensive care and my son's new puppy died suddenly. Plus last Friday was the anniversary of the death of the son of my very dear friend. And my daughter was telling me about how one of her students (third grade) has his mother in the hospital with cancer and isn't expected to live very much longer. So, I have had a heavy heart all week.

Anyway . . . I am off to think some happy thoughts. :-)

Corine said...

What a sad event. I'm sure there are prayers going out from all over the world on their behalf.


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