Thursday, September 23, 2010

Q&A Thursday: Twins' Hair

Easy question for today:

is it Sarah or Allison who is growing her hair long?

Allison has longer hair than Sarah. We tell people to just remember "S" for short hair.

We started growing her hair longer the year they were four (there were a few bumps along the way involving naughty girls and scissors, but we won't talk about that right now.).
Some people think this is so we can tell them apart. It isn't. We haven't had trouble telling them apart since they were two weeks old, though we did keep their toenails painted different colors for the first few months.

The real reason for the different hair is so everyone OUTSIDE our family can see them as distinct individuals. I didn't want them to spend their elementary school years constantly having to hear, "Which one are you?" I wanted their teachers and playmates to be easily able to recognize them for who they are. It seems to be working so far and I recommend it to other moms of identical girls.

It was tough for a while because I can do a lot more things with Allison's hair than Sarah's and she'd get upset when I couldn't do the same thing to her hair. But her hair is finally long enough that I can do most everything with it and still have a significant difference in length. I do need to cut off some of Allison's length -- after all the chlorine and swimming this summer, it's just not as healthy as it used to be. Sarah's length is much more manageable.

Right now, Allison's bangs are especially shaggy because she decided on her own to grow them out. That should also help people tell the difference because Sarah likes her bangs short (so still "S" for short).

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Thank you! I was wondering.


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