Friday, September 10, 2010

Interview of Mother and Daughters {Friday Favorites}

I really enjoyed listening to this interview of Julie B. Beck & her daughters this week.

Some things that stood out to me:

* The power of a mother's influence. Grandmother Bangerter's "fan club" and the way she knows and loves each of her 67 children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

* Finding the strength to do tough things, such as when Julie's family moved to Brazil when she was a young child (her mother 9 months pregnant!) and faced rats, flea bites, and the challenge of a new situation.

* Parenting advice: "I wanted my children to grow up to be my friends when they were adults, so I had to be a parent when they were young."

* Sister Beck's plea to her daughters when she was called as the general Relief Society President. I was sure she was going to say "Pray for me," but instead it was "Safeguard your marriages."

* Three hours a day of piano practice. THREE HOURS A DAY (maybe I mentioned that?). I loved how she didn't do it because of the piano, but rather because of the things her children would learn from it: hard work, discipline, winning and losing, etc.

* The way Heavenly Father prepares a way and guides us as we nurture our children

* The obvious love and affection felt between the three and the way Sister Beck really knew her daughters and loved them individually when they were children.

* other topics: how technology has changed mothering, what being the General Relief Society President entails (answer -- lots more than I realized!), examples of faithful women in Africa, and testimonies of Christ and his gospel.

What stands out to you as you listen?

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