I've decided to try to answer reader questions more regularly, probably on Thursdays. I have a few I've received lately (stay tuned later today for those answers). If you have a question, post it below or email me via gmail -- username is handsfullmom. It may be a while before I get to it, but I'd love to answer them!

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Goodricks said…
What advice do you have for expectant mothers (and fathers) that found they were expecting before they were ready to expect again?
Sarah said…
Where did you get your dining room table? I have been on a quest for a few years for a table that is real wood, light colored (I'm woefully out of fashion right now apparently), can seat 6 daily and easily expand to seat 10, have pedestals and rounded edges (I imagine I can seat even more than if the corners were squared and had legs) be able to take the lumps and bumps of kids and is affordable. Yours seems to fit that bill.
Megan said…
How do you work out individual time for each kid? I only have three kids and stress a lot about giving each one their special time. What do you think about one-on-one time with kids?
Tiffany Wacaser said…
How do you deal with sibling conflicts? What do you do to foster good relationships between your children?

Lately, my kids have been each other's throats and nothing I do seems to be working. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Sarah said…
Ha! I see my table question from years ago (which you answered thank you :)). And now I have another one. I love your pictures and I'm getting ready to invest in another camera for Christmas. What one(s) do you use?
Unknown said…
I'm going to be able to design a kitchen for the house we are going to build. I loved what I can see of you kitchen in your photos, it looks like it was specifically designed for a big family. We have 7 children ranging from 13yrs to 9 mo. I'd love to see more photos and description of your home that is catered towards making life easier and more organized for a large family.
Heather Taylor said…
I am in love with your pictures of the Provo Temple. Any chance you would sell a print?

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