Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Moments that Make me Smile (Wordless Wednesday)

When my husband and I got home from Boston, the kids surprised him with a birthday presents and cake. Here's how Michael decorated his present:

Our wonderful friend Alexis comes to our house every six weeks and cuts everyone's hair. Her kids play with mine, we have a great visit, and everyone looks much less shaggy after she's gone.
All of my kids together (well, minus Katie) weigh as much as two sheep. We won't tell you how much the scale moved when their mom got on with them:

Story time with dad. The older ones like to listen when he reads the stories because he adds his own variations to the story. Just a few minutes before, he'd been reading about Calliou's trip to the acupuncturist. Here he's explaining how spiders use their senses to escape from the twins.


Cynthia said...

Love the picture of your kids with their Dad...those kind of pictures always make my smile!

Corine said...

Those are some wonderful moments! :D How blessed you are. ;)


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