Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Life in Pictures (Wordless Wednesday)

Katie's now six weeks old. Yesterday, she gave me some of her first intense, "I'm so happy to be alive and to be communicating with you" smiles. I didn't even try to capture them on film.

I did, however, catch this expression yesterday:
And lots of others

Allison loves to hold Katie and doesn't even try to hand her back if she starts to fuss. She'll rock her and give her a pacifier. She's soothed her to sleep half a dozen times and each time tells me how much she loves holding Baby Katie. I tell her she's going to be a wonderful mother someday.

A few weeks ago, Joey and Michael participated in their final track meet. They had a preschool kids' race just before the others. Lillian helped Harmony line up.

She didn't win. A few steps into the race across the gym, she stopped, stuck out her lower lip and began to cry.

There was no crying when Joey ran, however, just determination and effort.

Harmony has such a zest for living. Monday, I took all but Katie swimming. The joy on Harmony's face as she lay her head in the water and experienced the spray on her face reminded me of what a privilege it is to live and breathe and feel. Harmony brings that same excitement and happiness to everything she does.

My kids are finishing up swimming lessons this week. Everyone's loved it, except Michael, who doesn't see the point.

Life is good.


Courtney said...

Your kids are adorable- seeing that new little baby is getting me excited for another one. It is a good things babies are so cute... I am not looking forward to sleepless nights, endless feedings and crying all over again.
Sorry about your ankle- what a bummer.

Claire said...

Such cute pictures! I've enjoyed looking at your blog this week. We just had our fourth baby (also a Katherine - we call her Katy) and suddenly I'm feeling pretty outnumbered by little people.


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