Monday, April 05, 2010

Still Pregnant!

Just in case you didn't read my comment on my April Fools post, I'm still here and still pregnant. No baby just yet, though her head dropped two weeks ago so I'm really feeling all these contractions.

I'm now 35 weeks and feeling a little impatient. Luckily, I've got some busy things on the calendar between now and my due date, so I have something to look forward to -- nothing's worse than just sitting around with nothing to do but wait for a baby. This next week is spring break. Next week, we have a normal week, then the week after my husband and Lillian are going to New York for a week. DH has a conference and we were able to get Lillian a ticket for $99. I'm a little bit jealous, as they plan to go to the Phantom of the Opera, hang out in Central Park, and eat delicious food. But even though I've only been really early once (3.5 weeks with Michael), it's probably best I don't get too far from the hospital. They'll get back when I'm 38 weeks along.

On April 29th, nine days before my due date, I get to go to Women's Conference at BYU -- Want to come along? I'm thrilled to go, even if I only get to go on Thursday and not Friday (DH couldn't get off work on Friday). And it gives me a reason NOT to feel so anxious about the baby coming.

The Monday after, May 3rd, is the day I may or may not decide to be induced on. I'd rather not be induced, but I'm leaving open the possibility just because I know how miserable those last weeks can be. After giving it some thought and reading several books, I've decided I AM going to try for a natural, epidural-free delivery this time. The clincher for me was this morning when I talked to my doctor about it and she said the magic words: no IV necessary.

See, I have this thing about getting IVs. I hate them with a passion. I don't mind being pricked, poked, prodded, cut or even stitched, but please, don't put a needle in my veins and leave it there for several hours! I've always felt it a bit silly that the biggest complaint I have about giving birth has always been that mandatory IV, but there you go.

But though I'm going to try for a natural delivery, I'm not a masochist. Knowing my history, I've decided I'll give myself two hours of labor after my water breaks. If the baby hasn't arrived by then, then I'll ask for an epidural. With the exception of my second birth, when Joey's head was transverse, every child of mine has arrived within two hours after my water is broken, so I'm pretty confident this birth will go quickly and probably painfully. Wish me luck!

In other news:

* We loved listening to General Conference this weekend! So many talks geared towards parenting and families. I really needed the ideas and the motivation and I look forward to listening even more closely in the next few weeks while I do housework.

* Happy Easter! I took my four little girls to meet the Easter Bunny and do a fun hunt at our local grocery store on Friday, then on Saturday, we had a little hunt in our family room, thanks to the work of Joey and Lillian (I love having older kids!)

* We ran out of homemade strawberry freezer jam about a month ago and have been watching for strawberries to go on sale every since. DH bought five flats this weekend (FIVE!) and we've used up all our containers and pectin processing just two of those flats. I either need to get to the store and buy more containers and pectin, or I need to figure out how to use three flats of strawberries up quick. Harmony's addicted to strawberries, though, and she'd probably eat a whole flat in one sitting if we let her.

* I think the weather is playing its own April Fool's joke on us. What happened to my warm beautiful spring?

* I've been taking some lovely photos lately of some beautiful newborns and cute families! Check out more on my photo blog! I have an opening on Saturday the 17th if anyone wants some family or individual photos taken.


Our little family said...

I love all your photos, but I especially love the newborn photos you posted! They're beautiful.

Jacki said...

I hate the IVs too! I've said before that they're the worst part! I think its because they keep it in my hand for so long because I get faint. All the other pain is dulled because I get to hold my newborn. It always pulses when they take the blood pressure reading too- yuk. No IV sounds good!

Jacki said...

Also- have fun at Women's Conference! I'm bummed that I'm not going this year- I would've loved to meet up with you! You'd make a great presenter there! Thursday evening, you should go over to the Sharing Stations booths- and the service projects- its amazing how much they get done in one night! The concert's fun too. Enjoy! Share notes from your favorite class with us!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Your pictures are so beautiful!! I love them! I wish I lived nearby so you could take our family photos. I had them done at Christmas and did not like them at all. It is so hard to get my family all together now so I was really disappointed. Oh well.

Good luck during these next few weeks. And you can do it naturally!! It really isn't that bad.:-) Actually I had three of mine without anything and two with epidurals. The recovery without anything was so much nicer. Howevery, I did practice lamaze A LOT before the babies came. That was a huge help.

Cherie said...

I'm excited you're going to try to go natural! I had an epidural with my first two and found the recovery not so fun... I wanted to try natural, but my mom (a lamaze person) told me not to without having done classes. Well, baby number three I still didn't do classes but wanted to go natural since I figured I didn't have anything to lose, and it was great! So, that's been my M.O. since and haven't regretted it one bit! Even my husband is happy that I've been able to forgo the pain meds. I think it's definitely worth it! Good luck to you, and stick with it if you can!

Deserie said...

That was the best April Fools joke! Way to go!!!! I totally took that one. I should of read all the previous comments before putting mine down. Although it sounded nice, right? I'm glad you had a nice Easter anyway. About the picture taking, I may be interested! We haven't had a family picture taken in a long time. What's your cost, and would you be interested in any trade work?

Natalie said...

Beautiful baby photos. My sister and her fiance would LOVE to have you take their pictures. I showed them your photography blog last night and they were really excited about it. I remember well going on a trip with my dad when I was 11. It's certainly a wonderful memory=)

Stacey said...

Your photos are beautiful. Just a thought about going natural, it will be easier if you aren't induced. The pitocin induced contractions are much more difficult in my experience, than those without pitocin.

It looks like you have a lot going on before your due date! Have fun at the women's conference!

SusanB said...

If you push the issue like I have in the past most hospitals will do without the IV especially if you are going natural. At least it isn't really a needle they leave in. It's the catheter that is left and the needle is pulled out.

swedemom said...

I loved your newborn photos. How I wish that we lived closer. Those are the kind of photos I wanted of my Jonathan when he was born.

Congrats on your decision to try and go natural. You'll do fine. Trust me. =)And it does help when you are in the midst of hard labor that it will not go on forever.

I wish I could go to Women's conference. Another friend asked if I could go. But think of me and share thoughts and insights gained! Please!

I have found that strawberries freeze very well. Just clean them and freeze. They are easy to use in smoothies, which are delicious. We also like making strawberry sauce from frozen strawberries for Swedish pancakes. Yummy!

Lindsay Ruiz said...

You are not alone. Seriously, I hat the IV. I worry more about that than I do the c-section. My first time around, the ladies stuck me 5 times before they called in someone else. It took 3 different nurses before they could get it. I was mortified. I won't let Miguel leave the room until that baby is in my hand and secure. I hope everything goes as planned for you. You'll do great!

Mostly Diane said...

I've gone about half and half epidural/natural. I like natural better in the long run. It is so much nicer to be able to take yourself to the bathroom and walk around half an hour after giving birth.

Loved General Conference too. There is a lot to learn and implement from those talks. I really enjoy listening to conference while I clean. It makes chores seem more productive.

Too bad you couldn't get $99 plane tickets for the whole family. We lived in New York for a while-- great place.

Enjoy Women's Conference. It will be nice to be truly busy and have a break just before the baby. Those last weeks are really hard. On the other hand, if they were easy it might seem easier to stay pregnant. So I guess they prepare one well too.

famr_4evr said...

I totally agree with you on the needle thing. In fact, I hadn't had an epidural until I had the twins. Yes, all the previous 5 came naturally! I go so fast, ans don't feel any pain until my water breaks (and then only a small amount). Then they arrive with in the next half hour, so I'm fine. I like going natural. Now that I have had the epidural, I don't think I feel like I endured any more pain with the others. Someone sticking a huge needle in my back was way worse!! Good luck, and maybe I'll bump into you at Women's Conference!


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