Saturday, February 06, 2010

Landscapes of Arizona

We just got back from a fun escape-the-winter trip to Sedona, Arizona. It was lovely. We went hiking nearly every day, visited an old mining town, and relaxed. With the weather in the low 50s, it was perfect for hiking, a bit chilly for our swimming (we did it anyway), and so refreshing.

Sedona's a bit of a strange town, with artsy folks mixing with new age spiritualists. I don't think most of them knew what to make of a family our size, but they were nice to us anyway. On one popular hike, with DH carrying Harmony in the backpack and taking the lead, and myself following as the caboose, we got quite a few comments from every single hiker that passed. I reassured them, "this is the last of us" as their mouths gaped open and they started asking me, "How many? Where are you from?" and "Do you ever sleep?"

With my new camera in tow, I got some awesome photos. And for once, I wasn't the only one taking photos. Lillian and especially Joseph both carried our old digital cameras, snapping up photos left and right. Some of them are pretty good, and I'm cheering inside because I know that for once I might be included in a photo or two from our trip.

I still need to get all the photos on my computer, and I'll post some of our family later, but in the meantime, here are some lovely landscapes from Arizona's red rock country:

Hiking at Red Rock Crossing near sunset was so beautiful.
The trees and river made me feel like I was in a fairy land:

One great thing about Sedona is that the town is set right in the middle of the most beautiful scenery, with beautiful views all over town. Yet just minutes away, you can take a hike and leave it all behind. Though a couple of the trails we chose were crowded, others were nearly deserted.

We stopped at Glen Canyon dam and got a great view of Lake Powell on the way down:

And went to the Grand Canyon on the way back:

Without visiting, it's really hard to get a feel for just how huge this canyon is. I think this photo puts it in perspective.


3in3mom said...

stunning photos--glad you had fun on your little adventure! We love AZ this time of year!

Sandi said...

Wonderful photos! I love Sedona. :) I am glad you guys got to hike there. The Grand Canyon is one of those things you just can't ponder the grandeur unless you are standing before it. It is amazing! So many wonderful places.

Next time you are down this way let me know. I could drive up to meet you! :)

Side by Side said...

New reader here...but a friend of Sandi's and have twins too.
(and a digiscrapper) lol

Love those photos...makes me want to get up to Sedona very soon too.
We have not been in a while. (I'm in AZ too)

Love the photos of the canyon with snow.

Kristen and Tyson Cramer said...

Sendona sounds like such a fun getaway! How long is the drive from here? Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!

Christina said...

Kristen, Sedona is about an 8-hour drive from here, in my opinion, about 2 hours too long for an "easy" family drive. But still worth it, if you stay for more than a few days.

Shandy said...

it was fun "seeing" you tonight over on my blog - so followed the link back here and have spent the last 30 min. reading EVERYTHING! LOL

FIRST OF ALL--- CONGRATS on #8 arriving soon! that's awesome!! and glad you're getting another girl :)

Second - I checked out your photography blog! great work! Like me, I think you'll find that with our solid photoshop foundation, you'll have a higher advantage that the "normal" photog breaking into the industry :) We should totally chat sometime about photography!

3rd - just wanted to comment on this particular post that the last photo of eveyrone up on the ridge totally made my heart leap! I'm soooo scared of heights that even looking this photo freaked me out! LOL
great landscape shots of everything! loved it!

K said...

Such fantastic photos, Christina!


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