Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I was wrong.

And I'm really happy about it. The baby is healthy and beautiful, with two arms, two legs, a beautifully beating heart, and . . .

she is definitely a girl!

We're absolutely thrilled. We just had four girls in four years, and I love having all of them grow up together. Adding one more to their happy group is exciting, and I'm even crossing my fingers hoping number nine is ALSO a girl, just so we can even out the numbers a bit. I'm also a bit relieved. When the twins were born, I had a hard time switching from crooning names like "buddy" and "kiddo" over to "sweatheart" and "princess." I was a bit worried that I'd have the same problem switching back, especially since I've had almost six years of princesses. The bows and frills and pink and purple will get at least one more use, and I won't have to worry about switching out the ponies and dolls for a few more years yet. And I don't mind waiting a bit longer to have a Benjamin.

I mean, really, who wouldn't be excited to have one more of these?

I have no ideas on names yet, though. Our only rule so far has been that the baby can't have the same initial as a sibling, so that rules out names that start with L, J, M, A, S, E, and H. We like more traditional names, but also want it to mean something. Any suggestions?


Aislinn said...

CONGRATS, Christina, Aaron, and gang! :o) We're so excited to hear about your newest baby girl! You do make beautiful little girls, for sure.

Christensen Kids said...

That's exciting! We need lots of cute girls in the world to go with all the cute boys ;-)

rachel said...

Fantastic news- 5 girls in a row! Wow! Very exciting!

Dina said...

Congratulations on your little gal!

Sandi said...

Sounds like B is out of the running as well. Sorry you didn't get your Benjamin this time but elated that you are having another girl.

The name that I think could be good is Pauline. Is means small and humble.

So glad the ultrasound was healthy!

Kacy said...

I'm so excited for you! I know we have similar taste in names,so here's a name that might suit you: Katherine. I think we need a Katie Bartholomew on the block. It means "pure."

mom-e-mae said...

Yay I love girls! Opal, Olivia, Regina, Ruby, Nancy, Priscilla, Catherine, Tabitha are just a few older names I like :)

alligood said...

Congratulations! I've been waiting for your announcement! As for names..... we also love classic names and in the running for the past 11 years have been:
Audrey :-)
Julia (or Julianna)

Botill Family said...

There is the Rebekah, the wife of Isaac. It means beautiful.

There is Diana, not Diane don't worry, I'm not vain, she was the goddess of the hunt, but she was also an emblem of chastity.

And there is Deborah, one of the great women of the Bible. She led the people out of bondage by organizing an army and leading it! Love it! I think her name means "mother of Isreal."

There is Rachel. Her name means "daughter" though and that might be a little boring for you.

This is fun! Want more? LOL!

Gary and Debbie Rex said...

Congratulations!! We get to find out about ours the first week in Jan. We've been hoping a bit for a boy, but we'll see...my friend wants us to have a girl, but she said she had a dream that I said it was a boy, but that it was OK 'cuz I knew there would be two more girls on the way - hmmmm.... :) You have a second on the Katherine/Katie - that name is one of my favorites!

Allyson said...


Kathryn(kate or Katie)

Ambrosia said...

Oh yay! Congratulations!!

rachel said...

Actually Botill Family, Rachel means 'little lamb'...

Gin said...

congrats on your new baby girl! I love Kathleen, Charlotte, Willa, Nora and Rebecca. Check these lovely pages for help on naming baby, they're full of info:


swedemom said...

Congratulations! Perhaps you are having all the girls I hoped for! Ah well, I'm getting good at having boys.

I'm very excited for you.

Good luck on finding a name.

Sandi said...

Carly or Carlie

K said...


Dan and Marci said...

I'm way behind on looking at blogs--Congrats!! Good luck on finding a name--we always struggle with that :)


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