Wednesday, April 15, 2009

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

Every baby believes the world revolves around her.

Babies in our family don't just believe it.

They know it.


Lindhardts said...

So cute!! Its so nice to see the kids loving on the babies, learning how to take care of them.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Way too cute!! When my daughter was here with her baby, she (the baby) was the center of attention at all times. Going home to just mom and dad has been an adjustment. I am such a fan of large families. How lucky your kids all get to grow up together!

Michelle said...

So true, so true!!!

My baby Benjamin had a hard Monday after spring break--all that attention for 10 days, and then--whammo--just mom & sister!

Cute pictures. I enjoy your blog.

swedemom said...

Proof positive that the having more than two children does NOT diminish the love of the parents toward those additional children.

Loved the photo essay. It was beautiful.

Raising Olives said...

So true. Our baby needs to crawl more because of a birth injury, however, everyone wants to carry him. We have to tell them to let him be.

By the way, we also had 7 children 8 and younger, but no twins. The last two children have been spaced a little farther apart (18 and 20 months).

Just to let you know, it gets lots easier! Our oldest is now 12 and life is a breeze, well relatively speaking.


Jacki said...

Super cute! I loved seing all the pictures together. Sometimes my babies get a little too much lovin!

alligood said...

What a cute post!
I always want to post something like this whenever I hear the, "but how will you give them all attention?" question. After 5 boys, I actually feel sorry for the FIRST one, much more than the FIFTH! :-) My boys coddle Jake to an extreme and he thrives with the attention. I can't wait to see how enamored we will all be with a baby girl.


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