Sunday, December 14, 2008

Visiting Santa (a.k.a. Who Knew?)

At our ward Christmas party last week, my kids were delighted to visit with Santa. After a few years of watching your kids interact with Santa, you learn a few things. Mostly, you learn that your kids are either hilariously unpredictable or hilariously predictable.

* Eliza was not impressed with Santa. Aren't we mean to make her visit him anyway?

* Sarah thought Santa's beard was just like a kitty and kept petting it. She wanted a My Little Pony for her room, even though Santa thought she wanted a big furry pony that you could ride. At the end, she turned her thoughts to the real reason we have Christmas and said want we all want to say but are too polite to say: "I want some candy."

* Allison wanted art supplies. She told me ten times in line that she wanted art supplies. By the time she sat on Santa's lap, however, all rational thought left her and all she could manage was "Skateboard." (Skateboard, skateboard, what's a skateboard?) Trust me, she doesn't want a skateboard.

* What can I say? I just hope Michael doesn't ever win a shopping spree. There he is, with Santa ready and anxious to grant all of his desires and all he can say is he wants a bouncy ball?

*Joey, at eight years old, believes whole-heartedly in Santa. He made a list a month ago of what he wanted for Christmas and we made sure Santa chose just the right present for him. All I can say now is, it wasn't a microscope. This particular Santa, however, must not have remembered that, because as he said, "Oh, I think we can get you one of those," I realized I'm in trouble. Anyone know where I can get a cheap microscope? By the way, the next day, when Joey was acting rotten and his dad told him he'd better be good so Santa will bring him presents, he protested, "Well, Santa already said I'm on his good list!"

*Lillian helped Santa leave out his presents for everyone last year, but she was a good sport about playing along anyway.


Dan and Marci said...

I love the bouncy ball--Parker asked for gloves. OK, that makes it easy!!

Nickie said...

These are great Cristina. So fun to add youtube of your own family. I need to get that figured out. But then I'd need a recorder.


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