Monday, December 01, 2008

So I have this problem . . .

I try to treat my twins equally, especially when it comes to their representation in the family books, scrapbooks, and blog. But here's my problem: I try to save just the best photos of each girl. Sarah is easy to get great shots of -- she smiles and poses perfectly every time she sees a camera:
Even when she's striking a silly pose, she knows instinctively how to look cute:

Allison, on the other hand, is harder to capture, leaving me with images such as these:

I'll ask her to smile and get something like this:

So while I try hard to have a good mix of pictures of both girls in our family scrapbook, I've noticed that for 2008, I have a whole lot more pictures of Sarah. And they're adorable photos, so I'm using them. But I feel a small twinge of guilt, knowing that someday Allison might look through and notice the difference. Of course, I'm using pictures of her as well, just not as many and not nearly so cute. So you see my problem. I love them both to pieces and think they are both adorable, but the family scrapbook, at least for this year, seems a bit biased. I realize the fate of the world does not rest on me capturing better photos of Allison, but I sure wish I could do it.


BecomingOne said...

I used to always want the perfect adorable kid photos. Then one day I looked through a friends family album and they had all these crazy looking pictures in there - no posing needed - and I LOVED looking at them. So much character and information about these little people, by capturing them in less than perfect poses.

Don't worry about the cheesy grins - they're still cute and tell us about who your little girl is.

.....spoken by a mother who has THREE really bad smilers.

Emma and Mommy said...

I am kind of the same way. Ella is a little ham and looks so cute. But her twin sister has Cerebral Palsy and is either drooling, or has her eyes rolled, or looks the exact same in every picture. I have since figured it doesn't matter, that the point of the picture is not to have them looking all perfect and cute but to capture their personality and who they are. If that means eyes crossed and pig tails that are lopsided then so be it.

I take lots of pics of both of them now and what I get is what I get.

K said...

I'm thinking that Allison will be glad that you could tell her apart from Sarah, and be grateful that you didn't try to sneak some of Sarah in and say, "Look, ALlison, you're smiling!"

swedemom said...

Trent always makes weird faces. And his hair never sits right. I've been choosing those photos because they really capture his quirky personality.


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