Saturday, December 06, 2008

Dear Santa, do you take requests?

I took a load to D.I. today but made the mistake of taking some of the kids along. Just as the workers were dumping the bin of toys out, Sarah spotted “my brush! OH, MY BRUSSSSHHHHH!” I searched through the mess and found two pony brushes, neither of which was the one she wanted.
She cried harder -- "No it's pink with sparklies!"

She cried and cried, but I got back in the car and drove home. I told her that maybe some little girl who didn’t have many toys would be so happy to get that brush. She considered that.

Michael patted her on the shoulder, “It’s okay, Sarah. Mommy did the same thing to me. She gave away a bike I really liked to D.I.”

I told her maybe Santa could bring her a new brush. "Yes," she said, "that very same pink sparkly brush from D.I." (Uh oh; we're in trouble, I thought). I told her maybe Santa could bring her an even better brush. By the time we got home,
I thought Sarah was feeling okay about the whole situation, but then I overheard her conversation with Allison.

Sarah: “Mommy gave my special brush to D.I. My pretty PINK one!”

Allison: “Oh, I will go find your special brush right now.”

Sarah:“You can’t! It's gone FOREVER!" Sniff, Sniff.

So, Santa, it it's not too much trouble, it would sure help me get on Sarah's good list if you could find a small beat-up pony brush for her stocking. Make it pink. With sparklies. Perhaps you could check at your local D.I.?


Our little family said...

I've had the very same experience at D.I. Lesson I learned: NEVER.EVER.take the kids to D.I. when making a drop off. In fact, never take them, period. Because they'll invariably find some piece of junk that they HAVE to take home with them.

Our little family said...

I can't find your email, so I'm going to leave you a comment. I'm asking all my friends this. Do your kids have any friends that they just can't have come over to play? The ones that mix up all the toys and hide piece, dump EVERYTHING out and then refuse to pick it up, don't listen to you and wake the baby up from her nap and go into any and every room in the house, including yours, and tease your kids and/or leave one out and hurt their feelings. And after playing with these kids, your kids talk back to you and repeatedly cry instead of using their words? I don't know what to do about this. Their mom and I are friends, and my kids love to play with them, but it's getting out of control. I'm left with crying kids, a short temper, and a disaster to clean up. If you have any advice, I'd love to hear it. :)


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