Sunday, November 23, 2008

went here, had fun, the end.

I don't post a ton of "this is where we went and this is what we did" type posts on this blog. I do a lot of fun things with my kids, but I figure it's pretty boring to read. But we had such a great time Tuesday, I thought I'd break my rule. I'll keep this short and you're welcome to skip it altogether, if you like. On the other hand, if you can't wait to hear more about all the mundane things we do, leave me a comment and tell me so I can continue to delight you with my travelogues.

Tuesday, we went with our co-op preschool group to the Discovery Center in Salt Lake. I was able to use my membership to get everyone else in free, and we had a great time. We spent four hours there, including snacks/lunch.

The best part? Eliza, who is constantly hearing things like, "No, don't touch that," "Put that back," "Get out of the fridge, please," "Turn OFF the water!" "Stop" "Don't" and "No" at home, could play and explore to her heart's content. Ah, bliss. They had a water area where she spent about an hour playing. She ended up soaking wet, but so happy.

Allison and Sarah loved playing in the helicopter while we ate lunch. Allison kept sneaking more granola bars and feeding pieces of them to the sparrows. Here's Sarah:

Harmony pooed through all her clothes, and I hadn't brought any spares, so we borrowed a sweatshirt from my friend's daughter Julia, who is about 8 months older and 10 times heavier than Harmony. Harmony didn't seem to mind a bit:

And Julia had a great time, even without her sweater:We finally left at 2:00. On the way home, Allison & Sarah fell asleep. Don't they look comfortable?

So basically, we went somewhere, had fun, and came home, with pictures to prove it. The End.

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3in3mom said...

I guess my blog must be boring ;0) lots of "we went here" . . .

Jk, looks like you had fun!


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