Sunday, November 02, 2008

Family Pictures

It's been a very wonderful weekend. I will post later about Joey's baptism yesterday and Harmony's blessing today.

Tonight, I wanted to show off the best of our family pictures!

I was so thrilled to get these back yesterday. The colors in our backyard were so pretty and I was so surprised to see that even in the pictures where the kids weren't really paying attention it still looked pretty good. I did a tiny bit of photoshopping on some of our favorites (had to swap Allison's head in one and both twins in another). For example, this is the original of the last one above:

Eliza wouldn't stop screaming, so Toni had us all scream:

Eliza's cute even when she's crying:
And some other favorites:



These are all resized for web viewing, so the quality is much better in the originals.


Mommy Matters said...

aw, they came out nice - even if you did!!

Jody said...

Beautiful family - don't you love photoshop! LOL

swedemom said...

Your children are beautiful. I loved all the pictures! Thank you for sharing.

Wizzard MoM said...

Christina those turned out so CUTE!! So did you make those dresses or did you buy them somewhere??? They are so CUTE!!!

Lindsay Ruiz said...

You should be really happy with these. They look so good. I think the second one is my fav. The lighting is nice and I like the family grouping. Maybe you can do a little face swapping on some of mine! Harmony's blessing was very sweet yesterday and she looked like a doll. I hope you had a fun day with the family.

Anonymous said...

The pictures turned out amazing! Love the background! You have a wonderful family!

alligood said...

WOW! Those turned out amazing. Your family is beautiful - and I'm so glad the stars aligned and you were able to buy such lovely dresses for your girls. I LOVE the green dresses with the fall background!

heather@it'stwinsanity said...

Beautiful pictures!

Shandy said...

Christina! these are absolutlye CUTE!!!!
love the colors you went with and your backyard is goreous!!!!
L.O.V.E. the one of the twins from the back - soooo adorable!
what a beautiful famiy you have!


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