Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What a family is all about

Last night, we had a nice family home evening. For the lesson, I reviewed with the children things that were taught this weekend at our Church's general conference (more on that later). Many of the speakers spoke about dealing with trial and difficulty, and I emphasized to my children that they will all have hard times in their lives. Then I told them, "I want you to know how blessed you are. Look around this room. Do you see how many people you have that love you? I want you to know that when you are having a tough time, there will be someone in this room who will be able to help you. That's what's wonderful about having a family. Even when you are a mommy or a daddy yourself, you will still have each other to lean on during hard times."

What a blessing a family is. There is nothing so sweet as the genuine love my children have for one another -- the way Eliza shrieks with joy and excitement and runs to hug the three oldest when they come home from school, the way Lillian and Joey fight over who gets to read stories to the twins, the way Michael makes up songs to make us all laugh, the way Allison and Sarah conspire together, the way everyone wants to hold and love Harmony. Though it's not all hearts and flowers and sunshine, there's enough of that to get us through the tough times. Because that's what a family is all about.

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