Monday, October 20, 2008

A new use for two packages of fruit snacks

Michael, at 6 years old, is never just Michael. He's either a pirate, a superhero, or Indiana Jones. He and the twins ruined several branches of our tree in the front yard this summer swinging on them Indiana Jones-style. So it was quite a disappointment to everyone that he was about a half inch too short to ride the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. This will be our last trip for several years. By the time we go again, he'll have outgrown his pretend play and it won't quite be the same.

Then I had an idea. Michael took off his shoes, I put a package of fruit snacks in each heel, then we went to the ride. He almost grazed the top of the height measurement. The worker told him to take a deep breath. He did and his head touched the board. He got waved through and went on the ride! We asked for seats in the front row and even though Joey really wanted to sit in the driver's seat, he let Michael since this would be his only time.

Just another reason to bring lots of snacks on vacation with you.


3in3mom said...

smart! Such a fun Mom you are!
Glad Michael got to go and enjoy the fun rides!

Freaky Wizzard MoM said...

Fruit snacks?? Who'd a thought!!

Lindsay Ruiz said...

Now that's creative! We are going to Disney World in November and I'm so excited. I will have my fruit snacks on hand just in case we run into some problems. I'm glad you had fun. See ya soon.

K said...

What a good brother Joey is. That's love right there.


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