Thursday, October 02, 2008

It's a good thing she's so cute . . .

because she's driving me crazy lately! Eliza wants to be held constantly and she’s crabby a lot. She throws a temper tantrum if I walk away from her and even taking her outside has become a problem, as she will cling to my legs instead of playing. She’s such a timid child and fearful in funny ways. She hates the sound of a garbage truck and will come running to me shrieking in fright if she hears one a block away. Lawn mowers cause similar fears. Our neighbor two houses away has a tractor he uses while they are working on their landscaping. It’s on quite often and I hardly notice it. Eliza is aware of it the moment it gets turned on, and will not let me put her down.

Despite Eliza's love for Harmony, there have been a lot of changes since her birth, including the loss each day of her three favorite people as they rush off to school. Eliza also cries when her dad goes anywhere. This poor girl feels like she's being left behind.

Sometimes I wonder how this child can be so different from our others. None of my other children were so clingy and fearful. Nope, independence to an extreme has been my lot in life, up until now. And honestly, after experiencing two strong-willed two-year-olds, Eliza has been a breath of fresh air. I can take her places and she'll stay by my side. We've never had to take her out in the hall when we go to Church. She loves to be held and carried around, and I don't worry about what crazy thing she'll do next. Do you know how nice that is?

And despite her bewilderment at the world since Harmony's birth, Eliza adores her baby sister. She has a beautiful way of saying, "HAR - mony!" in a singsong voice and she hasn't shown a single sign of jealousy when I'm holding or feeding Harmony.
She gets upset when I'm holding Allison or Sarah and tries to push them off my lap, but I can hold and feed and talk to Harmony, and she's all smiles and excitement. Let's hope it lasts!


Mommy Matters said...

Poor baby! Emma is clingy too and it can be so draining at the end of the day.

I like your backgrounds and think I'll give one a try, but not tonight, I'm too tired and would probably mess up my Thanks!

I'm a Wizzard_MoM because I know it all. (NOT) said...

I so know what you mean Christina!! Ethan is so clingy, throws "MAD" fits, and even throws things across the room, hits me, and throws another fit if I leave to walk out of the room. And letting him go outside has become nightmarish too!! He always darts for the street. YIKEYS !!! And I agree too, it can be very draining. HOPEFULLY THERE WILL BE AN END TO THIS INSANITY!! (Maybe)


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