Monday, October 06, 2008

Bad Hair Day

In my son Joey's second grade class last week, a girl was combing her hair and got the comb twisted around and stuck so badly in her hair that the teacher couldn't get it out and had to call her mother to come and fix it. True story. Joey's teacher confirmed it and said that the nice vice-principal sat down in the hall with the girl and got the snarls out before her mother arrived.


Lindsay Ruiz said...

o.k. Christina, you have to tell me how your house stays so clean. I'm looking at your photos on your blog and your home looks super clean in every one of them! What's the secret? By the way, I really enjoy your blog. You seem to be doing a great job raising your kids. Your are a GOOD MOM.

Wizzard MoM : Striving for Perfection said...

So are we talking about Mr. Nielson here??


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